The Saturday when we had babysitters during the daytime (A mini guide on how to spend 5 hours in Copenhagen)

The party we threw for our babies

When Mikael was 3 months old, we threw a party for him, and I’ve always wanted to do the same with the triplets. I love gathering both Anders’s and my family and friends, and the arrival of our precious babies seemed like a very good occasion for a celebration. Since we are not religious it was a so-called “name party” (directly translated from Norwegian), which is instead of a christening. We decided to have it at a café, so that we wouldn’t have to prepare anything, and invited a lot of people (ended up being 53 adults and 9 kids in total).

Tired babies in their outfits in the morning. <3 They looked so adorable! I normally don’t dress the girls alike, but on some occasions I think it is really cute.

But OMG, the morning was so intense. We had to give all 4 kids a bath, eat, feed, pack all the stuff into the car, shower and get dressed ourselves and be out the door at 10.45 the latest to be at the café and receive the cakes we had ordered from different people. I can say we almost made it. Haha. It was also quite stressful getting every piece of baby gear and every baby in place in time for the arrival of the guests at 12, but we made that too! Phew.

Look at the beautiful cakes! I asked on Instagram if anyone was interested in baking for us (paid job), and Natalie Canfarotta was one of the many that offered. I absolutely loved these, they had exactly the look I love. <3

The weather was beautiful! We were so lucky because it was actually the first warm day in ages, with 11 degrees celsius and sun. It truly made everyone so happy!

Happy guests that came all the way from Norway. <3 (My sister, a family friend and her daughter, my mother and my aunt.) I also think Café Mandela was the perfect fit, with its cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

I gave my father the responsibility to take care of Mikael that day, and that was a very wise decision, because being hostess turned out to be pretty intense when you have three babies to feed as well. It was also really smart to buy drawing kits and bring a table cloth. Good on me. 😀

Iben and I. <3

Mikael with Anders and his grandfather. <3

Agnes and my sister Anna. <3

Anders held a speech, and I contributed with a few phrases. First he talked about how we ended up with the names and what they mean (something we didn’t know ourselves before googling it just before – links if you want to know as well: Iben, Filip, Agnes) and then he went on and told the short version of our story, from the day we found out that we expected triplets and up until now.

The speech was quite emotional at times, and both Anders and I and many in the crowd shed some tears. We are just so happy and grateful that everything has turned out the way it has, and that we ended up with three beautiful and healthy babies. That is not something you can take for granted when dealing with a triplet pregnancy. We also made sure to thank everyone that has helped us on the way.

I love them in their cute little dresses. <3 The stroller was placed at a perfect spot for them to calm down in between being held and carried by many different people.

Then it was brunch time!


Good atmosphere. 🙂

My cousin, Agnes, my sister and my grandmother. <3

Some mingling.

Some napping.

Then cakes! 😀 Sooo delicious! Thank you SO much all cake bakers! Amazing that I could use my Instagram account to order homemade cakes, when we didn’t had the time to make any ourselves.

Iben with grandmother Birthe and her friend Iben. <3

My mother, Agnes and Mikael. <3

Thank you so much everyone for a fabulous celebration! A bit hectic on my part of course, but filled with so much sunshine, happiness and love. <3 All four kids behaved really well, they didn’t cry at all and Mikael sat on his grandfather’s lap most of the time (even took an hour long nap there).


The celebration went by quickly, and we didn’t have the time to open any of the many gifts until we came home. We are overwhelmed by all the nice things our trio got:

The presents part 1.

The presents part 2.


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The Saturday when we had babysitters during the daytime (A mini guide on how to spend 5 hours in Copenhagen)