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My wardrobe challenge week

Last week I documented my outfit all 7 days and shared it on my Instagram stories as a part of a challenge I had put up for myself. I have mentioned earlier that I am getting a bit tired of wearing the same clothes all the time, so in a moment of extra energy I went through my closet and dug out several garments that I hadn’t worn in long time.

Here is my selection:

The idea was to only select clothes out of that pile, so that:

A: I wouldn’t have to stare into my closet like it’s an open sea as I usually do these days. Tiredness does not bring out creativity or decisiveness.

B: I would start to use more of my clothes, not only the same three soft sweaters and that one pair of black comfy pants that I wear until they smell (sorry for being gross) and then wash immediately

C: Maybe I would start to feel more like myself again, not only the mom cave version of myself?

D: I can pretend that I have new outfits, because I don’t have any money to go shopping at the moment. (I get paid so little on my parental leave that it doesn’t even cover my half of the regular expenses) – But good thing I have shopped a bit in the past, so that I can go #shoppinginmyowncloset

E: I maybe could do some good environmental-wise by trying to inspire my followers to do the same instead of shopping new clothes they don’t need


So, here is my week of #whatsinmywardrobechallenge:


Day 1

(Sweather & skirt: H&M, Shirt: Mango)


Day 2

(T-shirt: Unknown, Pants: Weekday)


Day 3

(Shirt: 2nd hand Mads Nørgaard, Skirt: H&M)


Day 4

(Sweather: H&M, Blouse: Monki, Jeans: Tiger of Sweden)


Day 5

(Sweather: H&M, Top: Envii, Pants: Weekday)


Day 6

(Blouse: Vintage, Pants: Weekday)


Day 7

(Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Sweather: Weekday, Skirt: 2nd hand)


Conclusion: I really liked the challenge! It felt good putting in a little bit of extra effort, and some of the days I felt extra nice – which always is a good thing. The results were nothing overly fancy – I wouldn’t get stopped by a street fashion photographer or anything – but a few steps up from my current state of (fashion) mind. And it was really nice only having a small selection of clothes to pick from in the morning, when I am often too tired and grumpy to focus on anything else than coffee and food (and a ton of kids). I also have enough clothes left for at least another week, so I think I will just keep it in it’s own shelf for suitable days. Because on day 8 I had a wonderful detox: I only wore my favorite grey sweatpants and my softest t-shirt and stayed in all day. Haha.






  • Zhu

    We don’t know each other, like many, many people I followed your story in the media–hi from Canada! 🙂

    Becoming a mother of just one very much wanted kid was an emotional roller-coaster for me for a couple of years, so I can only imagine how you must feel adjusting to a bigger family.

    I just wanted to say you’re very pretty and quite inspiring! You look much, much, much better than what you must picture on these days when you’re tired, grumpy and have no time to yourself. Seriously YOU. ARE. PRETTY!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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