My name is Maria – a 37 year old Norwegian girl living in Copenhagen with husband, toddler and triplet babies. 😀

I have an Instagram account called Triplets_of_copenhagen, where I have shared my life as honestly as possible since I found out (to my BIG surprise) that I expected triplets in April 2018. I have also become kind of a spokesperson when it comes to the reality of postpartum life and all that comes with it, which I am very happy to have contributed to putting on the agenda.

The last three years have been so life changing: I’ve given birth twice, changed job from the TV business to the very different world of documentary film, moved away from friends and family in Norway (2 years ago and am still experiencing a bit of a language barrier at times that prevents me from showing my whole persona) and am currently in a situation where I am juggling my life with a husband, a toddler and three babies with different needs.

I have wanted to have a space where I can write longer texts about my everyday life as a mother of four, but also about more personal topics and about different issues that concern me. A space where I can share other passions of mine as well, like music, film, art, fashion, food, etc, with Copenhagen as the beautiful backdrop it is.