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The Saturday when we had babysitters during the daytime (A mini guide on how to spend 5 hours in Copenhagen)

Saturday a week ago, Mikael went to his grandfather and his wife, and Anders’ mother watched the babies together with a friend so that we could have a date day. The best idea ever! (Thanks for the proposal mother-in-law!) We were so happy and excited when we went out the door, giggly like teenagers almost and holding hands immediately. (Something you don’t do much when you always go out together with strollers or car seats)

Then we jumped on our bikes and took the 10 minute ride down to Kødbyen – Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district with lots of cafées, bars and restaurants – and to the Italian restaurant Mother where we had booked a table.

The day was perfect with sunshine and happy people everywhere, and to our pleasant surprise there was live jazz music inside. Made me SO happy!

They have a GREAT brunch buffet! All you can eat with both pizzas, salads, cheese & ham, fresh fruit, and so on.

Eating out gives me so much pleasure! Anders and I used to eat out all the time before kids, so we always prioritize that when we have a few hours on our own just the two of us. I always nag about making him smile on selfies, so this is what I got. Haha.

Daytime drinking is also goooood – makes it feel like a weekend trip! 😀

Day time dating really is the best when you have small children!

1. You get to be out and about in the sun, when the stores are open, people are outside and it feels like the good old days before all the commitments.

2. You are not tired yet.

3. You get to eat dinner with your kids afterwards and put them to bed at night.

4. You then get the evening to yourselves to watch a movie and eat chips and candy in sweatpants.

5. You can go to bed early, and won’t be hungover or anything! 😀 Win-win-win!

Next stop: Larsbjørnstræde. We both needed some jeans, and it is so hard finding the time to go by a store. But now we made it AND found ourself a pair of Lee-jeans each. It is always lovely to go to this area, where you also find a lot of second hand stores.

Great success! Found a pair of Lee-jeans that fit over the corset that I wear when I am outside of the house. There are still lots of clothes I can’t wear because of my belly-situation. My separated abdominal muscles (10 x 20 cm in diameter) make me have a bump, and without the corset I look 6 months pregnant or something. The belly is also squishy and soft, so it also feels more in place wearing a binder.

 There are so many beautiful old buildings in downtown Copenhagen. Love that they are painted in so many different colors!

Next stop was a new café/bar we wanted to check out called H15, that also is located in Kødbyen.

It was a really good and relaxed atmosphere there. The coffee wasn’t that impressive, but good place for a beer! It was super nice being able to talk to each other without interruptions, and we got the chance to plan our summer. Our vacation will consist of 1 week in Denmark visiting a friend’s rented summer house and staying at my mother-in-law’s house in the countryside, plus 2 weeks in Norway at both my parent’s places outside of Oslo. Since Mikael’s kindergarten is closed for 3 weeks, it is essential for us to book in some help, because it would be too much having 4 kids under 3 all day for 23 days. I really look forward to the summer!

After that we went in direction home, but the date wasn’t over yet!

The final stop was at a restaurant at the newly opened Hotel Ottilia, that is situated in Carlsbergbyen where we live.

I love how they have incorporated the old brewery building into the new interior design.

This sight met us at the Italian restaurant Tramonto at the top floor!

And this was the view! We are definitely coming back here in the summer for a drink on the terrace. 😀

We just had the time to grab a dessert and coffee, before going home to the babies at 17.00. So glad we made it, because this was really yummy! Perfect ending to our daytime date. <3


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  • Anna

    Hi Maria. Fan from USA. I wanted to comment how your Instagram page never fails to make me smile and your babies are adorable. I’ve visited Copenhagen a few years ago and your posts transport me back. Thank you!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Jenny

    So lovely to read your blog and to keep up with your family on IG. My daughter had spontaneous triplet girls having been told she would never have children because of endometriosis. Such a shock as she was happy not having kids anyway!!
    They are twenty eight now so a long time ago.

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Triplets of Copenhagen

      Wow, must have been a BIG surprise! Thank you 🙂

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Tanja Baldes

    Happy to read your blog, so beautiful!
    All the best for you and your family!
    Tanja from Germany (tanja2202 Instagram)

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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