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My birth story, part 2

I have been told that there were almost 20 people in the operation room, but I only noticed 3-4 of the nearest ones when I entered. And all the equipment, because there was a lot of it. A man in scrubs introduced himself as the anesthetist and asked me to lay down on my side. It was time for that dreaded huge needle into my spine. God, I was nervous and scared. My number 1 nightmare was that the anesthesia would stop working in the middle of the c-section, like I have read real life stories about before.

Fast forward to five minutes later, the dreaded sting was done with, I was on my back being told that the surgeon was already making the cut and that the babies would be here very very soon. I couldn’t believe how fast it all went?! And how different it was being all rested and clear-headed, a strong contrast to the 60 hours long birth I had with my firstborn where I was completely exhausted in the end. 

There were dead silence in the room as 20 grown-ups waited for that first scream, and it was the greatest relief when I heard Iben’s voice for the first time at 08.55 that morning, September 12, 2018. I knew it was her: Baby A, the one in the bottom. I am so happy we had decided the names a few days before, because it felt less chaotic and confusing when we had a name on each baby from the very beginning.

Suddenly there she was in front of me all cuddled up in a blanket, and I got to kiss her forehead at the same time as I heard Filip’s scream. The time was 08.56 and once again I had a feeling of huge relief. The fact that he was breathing enough to be able to scream, was such a good sign for me, lying there all stuck to the operation table with both arms out to the side and a big surgical barrier stretched out in the air in front of me from underneath my breasts, blocking my view. This time Anders got to hold him straight away, and showed him to me so I could kiss his forehead as well. Meanwhile, another minute had passed and I could hear the third and final scream. It was 08.57 and Agnes had arrived safely to this world. All three babies were on the outside, and there was no sign of panic. Only three teams of nurses taking a look at them, while commenting on how healthy and big they looked for prematurely born triplets.

After the quick kiss on her forehead, Agnes got a bit of breathing help from one of the machines. The other two were held close to me, so I could get a better look. The most beautiful tiny creatures in the world. My babies, finally here after all those months of anticipation, worry and discomfort. A big burden was lifted from my chest. At the same time it felt a little overwhelming lying there not being able to get an overlook of the situation in the room. Anders and the three teams taking care of the babies left to go to the NICU, while I remained to be stitched together. Afterwards, before I was rolled out, I got to see the three placentas. Wow, that was fascinating! They were lying beside each other like it was one big apartment, but you could clearly see the three different «rooms» the babies had lived in. How amazing is the female body?!

After the brilliant surgeon was done stitching me up, I was rolled back to my room where I would stay for the hours it took for the anesthesia to leave my body and for me to feel my legs again. I was completely paralyzed from underneath my breasts and down to my toes. So my initial worry about the anesthesia not working was put to shame. My mom came to support me and I got to text Anders to get an update on the babies and their measurements. Then it was a strange waiting time where I read a magazine, combed my hair, put on some makeup and talked with my mom – but it felt very strange being so close to the babies, and still not being able to see them. My huge belly was gone and I was alone, it all felt empty.

4 hours later, I was finally able to go and they rolled me in to our room at the NICU, where all 3 babies were lying side by side in a see-through crib. We were reunited – and it sunk in that I now officially was a mother of four. And at 14.45 that day I finally got to hold two of them (Agnes and Filip) in my arms for the very first time, while Anders held Iben. Our triplets had arrived safely to this world, and we were so unbelievably happy and relieved.

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