My birth story, part 1

Our 10 must-haves for the first year with triplets

(Annonce – Some of the companies I link to gave me products for free. But the list is 100 % my personal recommendations)


We have now been parents of triplets for 13 months, and this is what we found essential to have during the first year:


1. A formula mixer (we had BabyBrezza)

2. A sterilization machine (we had Phillips Avent)

3. A double pump with a bra (I had Medela Symphony)

4. High chairs with newborn seats (we have the Stokke tripp trapp chair)

5. A play pen that can be elevated – with a mattress (we had one from BabyDan) and later on a big playpen on the floor with some play mats inside of it (we have one from BabyDan)

6. A triplet pram (we have one from TFK (Trio Twist) and one from Adventure Buggy Co)

7. Car seats with isofix (our old ones were from Stokke/Be safe, our current ones are from Cybex)

8. Lots of bottles (we used Medela Calma– and Comotomo bottles)

9. Baby nests (The small we had were from Born Copenhagen, the big one we have now is from Sleepyhead of Sweden)

10. Lots of muslins (our favorites were from Cam Cam Copenhagen)

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