When the world is waiting for you to give birth

One year anniversary

Ok – I started this post 1.5 months ago! Haha. And I have been thinking about finishing it ever since! But then there was the holidays, birthdays, everyday life hustle and what not. So, here we finally go:

The last Friday of June we got to celebrate our one year anniversary as a married couple. <3 My mother-in-law had gathered a team of babysitters consisting of both family and friends, a total of 6 persons! She is such a sweet person for doing things like this all the time, and it feels so good not having to deal with all the planning.  Two of the babysitters would also stay the night together with her, because Anders and I were going to have a staycation at a hotel 200 meters from our apartment!! But first, dinner. 😀

We had booked a table at one of our favorite restaurants at 18.00 o’clock, so that we would have an early start and not get to the hotel too late. Because as parents of 4 under the age of 3, sleep is a luxury. And to get to skip the bedtime routines for one night is also a big luxury. AND staying at a hotel itself is also something we don’t do much of these days. So we were THIS happy when we left home for our 17 hours date.

We were also this happy because we could celebrate that we had been married for a year! Our first year as newlyweds was certainly nothing like the ordinary, and that made this anniversary extra special. We made it through this very tough year without any drama in our relationship, only a stronger bond. <3 But on the other hand, not as much time for each other as we had liked this first year of married life, so we were really looking forward to an evening and night by ourselves. Without any children, screens, work or chores.

We chose to have our dinner at the very cosy little restaurant called Osteria 16 where you always get served 8 delicious courses for a reasonable price. It was sooo good, especially with a few glasses of Aperol Spritz on the side. We enjoyed ourselves, as you might see. 🙂

Then we walked the 15 minutes walk back to Carlsbergbyen where we live…

… and it felt both strange and a bit rebellious walking past our apartment to go to the hotel we had booked (with a special neighbour discount – yay!) Almost felt young and free again! 😉 Haha.

This hotel is so cool! It is situated in one of the old brewery buildings, next to the beautiful Elephant gate and tower, and they have kept all the exterior like it was (except for adding that small sign).

Wow! As you can understand, we were pretty excited with the room at Hotel Ottillia and especially with the big window and the view!

At least in one direction. Haha. Carlsbergbyen is still partly a construction site, but we are used to it. This was a great place for drinks! 😀 We shared the sofa in the window of course, good to sit close on your anniversary. 😉

A lovely sunrise, and a lovely night of interrupted sleep.

Then – the breakfast on their rooftop terrace! OMG – I love love love these kinds of breakfasts. You could even get glass of prosecco included in the price. I skipped it this time around, because we were in a hurry to get back to our little ones. <3



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