6 months photo shoot part 1

Photographer Sofie Hammer came by and captured our babies in the most beautiful way. Here are the first batch of photos. <3 We love the results!

Thank you so much Sofie! Look forward to print some of these out and hang them up on the wall. <3

The party we threw for our babies

When Mikael was 3 months old, we threw a party for him, and I’ve always wanted to do the same with the triplets. I love gathering both Anders’s and my family and friends, and the arrival of our precious babies seemed like a very good occasion for a celebration. Since we are not religious it was a so-called “name party” (directly translated from Norwegian), which is instead of a christening. We decided to have it at a café, so that we wouldn’t have to prepare anything, and invited a lot of people (ended up being 53 adults and 9 kids in total).

Tired babies in their outfits in the morning. <3 They looked so adorable! I normally don’t dress the girls alike, but on some occasions I think it is really cute.

But OMG, the morning was so intense. We had to give all 4 kids a bath, eat, feed, pack all the stuff into the car, shower and get dressed ourselves and be out the door at 10.45 the latest to be at the café and receive the cakes we had ordered from different people. I can say we almost made it. Haha. It was also quite stressful getting every piece of baby gear and every baby in place in time for the arrival of the guests at 12, but we made that too! Phew.

Look at the beautiful cakes! I asked on Instagram if anyone was interested in baking for us (paid job), and Natalie Canfarotta was one of the many that offered. I absolutely loved these, they had exactly the look I love. <3

The weather was beautiful! We were so lucky because it was actually the first warm day in ages, with 11 degrees celsius and sun. It truly made everyone so happy!

Happy guests that came all the way from Norway. <3 (My sister, a family friend and her daughter, my mother and my aunt.) I also think Café Mandela was the perfect fit, with its cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

I gave my father the responsibility to take care of Mikael that day, and that was a very wise decision, because being hostess turned out to be pretty intense when you have three babies to feed as well. It was also really smart to buy drawing kits and bring a table cloth. Good on me. 😀

Iben and I. <3

Mikael with Anders and his grandfather. <3

Agnes and my sister Anna. <3

Anders held a speech, and I contributed with a few phrases. First he talked about how we ended up with the names and what they mean (something we didn’t know ourselves before googling it just before – links if you want to know as well: Iben, Filip, Agnes) and then he went on and told the short version of our story, from the day we found out that we expected triplets and up until now.

The speech was quite emotional at times, and both Anders and I and many in the crowd shed some tears. We are just so happy and grateful that everything has turned out the way it has, and that we ended up with three beautiful and healthy babies. That is not something you can take for granted when dealing with a triplet pregnancy. We also made sure to thank everyone that has helped us on the way.

I love them in their cute little dresses. <3 The stroller was placed at a perfect spot for them to calm down in between being held and carried by many different people.

Then it was brunch time!


Good atmosphere. 🙂

My cousin, Agnes, my sister and my grandmother. <3

Some mingling.

Some napping.

Then cakes! 😀 Sooo delicious! Thank you SO much all cake bakers! Amazing that I could use my Instagram account to order homemade cakes, when we didn’t had the time to make any ourselves.

Iben with grandmother Birthe and her friend Iben. <3

My mother, Agnes and Mikael. <3

Thank you so much everyone for a fabulous celebration! A bit hectic on my part of course, but filled with so much sunshine, happiness and love. <3 All four kids behaved really well, they didn’t cry at all and Mikael sat on his grandfather’s lap most of the time (even took an hour long nap there).


The celebration went by quickly, and we didn’t have the time to open any of the many gifts until we came home. We are overwhelmed by all the nice things our trio got:

The presents part 1.

The presents part 2.



The Saturday when we had babysitters during the daytime (A mini guide on how to spend 5 hours in Copenhagen)

Saturday a week ago, Mikael went to his grandfather and his wife, and Anders’ mother watched the babies together with a friend so that we could have a date day. The best idea ever! (Thanks for the proposal mother-in-law!) We were so happy and excited when we went out the door, giggly like teenagers almost and holding hands immediately. (Something you don’t do much when you always go out together with strollers or car seats)

Then we jumped on our bikes and took the 10 minute ride down to Kødbyen – Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district with lots of cafées, bars and restaurants – and to the Italian restaurant Mother where we had booked a table.

The day was perfect with sunshine and happy people everywhere, and to our pleasant surprise there was live jazz music inside. Made me SO happy!

They have a GREAT brunch buffet! All you can eat with both pizzas, salads, cheese & ham, fresh fruit, and so on.

Eating out gives me so much pleasure! Anders and I used to eat out all the time before kids, so we always prioritize that when we have a few hours on our own just the two of us. I always nag about making him smile on selfies, so this is what I got. Haha.

Daytime drinking is also goooood – makes it feel like a weekend trip! 😀

Day time dating really is the best when you have small children!

1. You get to be out and about in the sun, when the stores are open, people are outside and it feels like the good old days before all the commitments.

2. You are not tired yet.

3. You get to eat dinner with your kids afterwards and put them to bed at night.

4. You then get the evening to yourselves to watch a movie and eat chips and candy in sweatpants.

5. You can go to bed early, and won’t be hungover or anything! 😀 Win-win-win!

Next stop: Larsbjørnstræde. We both needed some jeans, and it is so hard finding the time to go by a store. But now we made it AND found ourself a pair of Lee-jeans each. It is always lovely to go to this area, where you also find a lot of second hand stores.

Great success! Found a pair of Lee-jeans that fit over the corset that I wear when I am outside of the house. There are still lots of clothes I can’t wear because of my belly-situation. My separated abdominal muscles (10 x 20 cm in diameter) make me have a bump, and without the corset I look 6 months pregnant or something. The belly is also squishy and soft, so it also feels more in place wearing a binder.

 There are so many beautiful old buildings in downtown Copenhagen. Love that they are painted in so many different colors!

Next stop was a new café/bar we wanted to check out called H15, that also is located in Kødbyen.

It was a really good and relaxed atmosphere there. The coffee wasn’t that impressive, but good place for a beer! It was super nice being able to talk to each other without interruptions, and we got the chance to plan our summer. Our vacation will consist of 1 week in Denmark visiting a friend’s rented summer house and staying at my mother-in-law’s house in the countryside, plus 2 weeks in Norway at both my parent’s places outside of Oslo. Since Mikael’s kindergarten is closed for 3 weeks, it is essential for us to book in some help, because it would be too much having 4 kids under 3 all day for 23 days. I really look forward to the summer!

After that we went in direction home, but the date wasn’t over yet!

The final stop was at a restaurant at the newly opened Hotel Ottilia, that is situated in Carlsbergbyen where we live.

I love how they have incorporated the old brewery building into the new interior design.

This sight met us at the Italian restaurant Tramonto at the top floor!

And this was the view! We are definitely coming back here in the summer for a drink on the terrace. 😀

We just had the time to grab a dessert and coffee, before going home to the babies at 17.00. So glad we made it, because this was really yummy! Perfect ending to our daytime date. <3

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

I am Maria, a 36 year old Norwegian girl (can you still call yourself a girl at that age? haha) living in Copenhagen with my Danish husband Anders and 4 kids under 3. I have an Instagram account called Triplets_of_copenhagen, where I have shared my life as honestly as possible since I found out (to my BIG surprise) that I expected triplets in April 2018. It was also a very big surprise to me when I all of a sudden got 200.000 new followers in the time of a week, and suddenly became a little bit of internet famous with articles about me all around the world. I have lately become kind of a spokesperson when it comes to the reality of postpartum life and all that comes with it, which I am very happy to have contributed to putting on the agenda. And now I’m ready to start a new chapter with this blog!

I have wanted to have a space where I can write longer texts about my everyday life as a mother of four, but also about more personal topics. A space where I can share other passions of mine as well, like music, film, art, fashion, food, etc, with Copenhagen as the beautiful backdrop it is. The last three years have been so life changing: I’ve given birth twice, changed job from the TV business to the very different world of documentary film, moved away from friends and family in Norway (1.5 years ago and am still experiencing a bit of a language barrier at times that prevents me from showing my whole persona) and am currently in a situation where I am juggling my life with a husband, a toddler and three babies with different needs. And I feel that I have lost myself a bit on the way.

There are many aspects of why I feel this way. At the core is the physical aspect – my body. I’ve been pregnant twice, the second time the extreme case of a triplet pregnancy – which really took it’s toll on my body. It has left me with a huge separation of my abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), which means I have a really weak core and will have to work a lot with this in the time to come – and maybe will end up having surgery. (I’ve written more about that in this post.) In the last three years I have been wearing mainly pregnancy clothes, nursing clothes, sweatpants and t-shirts with spit-up on it, AND I have had to put all my pretty clothes away. (Because of lack of space, they are actually put in an external storage. Boohoo.) There was a time where I used to dress kind of cool! I’ve always loved clothes, fashion and especially vintage clothes, and had a playful approach to it. The feeling of having a well put together outfit, always made me feel better about myself. Now I only wear the same few clothes every time I go out of the house.

Secondly I now live in a new town where I don’t have many friends and close ones, and I feel a bit like a fish out of water. I am a really social person – an extrovert that get energy from being with other people – and I used to have a very busy social life back in Norway. (Even after Mikael was born.) I really enjoy all the time I spend with my family – I love all of the precious baby time and watching my toddler growing into the cutest little person. I think we are doing really well as a new family of six, mostly because Anders and I are a really good team and manage to keep a calm atmosphere at home. Most of the time, at least. Even though it has been, and still is really tough with so little rest, I feel that I have managed to stress down and go with the flow of everything. But at the same time I feel a bit restless in getting my stuff back together and to get back on my feet again. It has soon been a year since I started my sick leave at week 17 (because of the risk that followed with the triplet pregnancy), and I have been at home a lot more than I am used to, to say the least. I will still be partly at home with the babies until they start kindergarten in the fall – right now I’m out of the house for 2 hours every weekday working with social media, but come May Anders and I will start to split the weekdays between us so that we have whole workdays.

I think this blog could be a nice outlet for me to speak my mind about issues that concern me, a place where I can share my everyday life with all its ups and downs and also maybe a way for me to find back to the old me – or rather a new start to get into a place where I feel a sense of self again – not only as a mother and wife.

Let’s go!