Our 10 must-haves for the first year with triplets

(Annonce – Some of the companies I link to gave me products for free. But the list is 100 % my personal recommendations)


We have now been parents of triplets for 13 months, and this is what we found essential to have during the first year:


1. A formula mixer (we had BabyBrezza)

2. A sterilization machine (we had Phillips Avent)

3. A double pump with a bra (I had Medela Symphony)

4. High chairs with newborn seats (we have the Stokke tripp trapp chair)

5. A play pen that can be elevated – with a mattress (we had one from BabyDan) and later on a big playpen on the floor with some play mats inside of it (we have one from BabyDan)

6. A triplet pram (we have one from TFK (Trio Twist) and one from Adventure Buggy Co)

7. Car seats with isofix (our old ones were from Stokke/Be safe, our current ones are from Cybex)

8. Lots of bottles (we used Medela Calma– and Comotomo bottles)

9. Baby nests (The small we had were from Born Copenhagen, the big one we have now is from Sleepyhead of Sweden)

10. Lots of muslins (our favorites were from Cam Cam Copenhagen)

My birth story, part 1

I have never written anything about the actual birth or everything that happened that day, but have intended to do it for a long time. But where to start…? The day was filled with so many emotions and unforgettable moments, that I almost cannot write it down in words.

I remember the night leading up to September 12th 2018 – because I almost did not sleep at all. My body and mind just could not calm down enough to be able to drift off into sleep. When the alarm went off at 07 am, I felt that kind of excitement you felt when you were little and woke up to the first day of school after summer vacation: Excited, happy, nervous, insecure and a bit scared of the unknown.

Anders and I then had a really close and serene moment getting up, talking to each other and to the confession camera about this being the day we had been waiting so anxiously for for SO long – like it being an enormous golden trophy far into the distance. And now we were finally here – at the moment where we were going to meet all three babies, see what they look like and feel them in our arms.

At 07.45 am a nurse entered the room with all the gear we should wear in the operation room. The two camera people from the TV production company had also arrived by then. There was a solemn atmosphere in the room while we were getting dressed; me taking off all jewelry and putting my hair up in a mom bun that was good enough to last all day. And suddenly everything became a whole lot more serious. I could feel how dry my throat was and I longed for water, which I was not allowed to have because I was fasting and had been since midnight.

It was 08.00 am when the orderly arrived, and I laid down on my side in the rolling bed. Out of the blue – fear hit me. Hard. I have never experienced something like that before. My whole body had a sudden reaction: I got pale, nauseated, shivered, cold sweated and silent tears ran down my cheeks. The orderly started rolling me down the endless corridors, with fluorescent lights blinking from the ceiling. Both Anders and the camera man tried to get me to talk by asking how I was feeling, but the only thing I could answer was a whisper: «No, I can’t.»

After what felt like an eternity of corridors and elevators, we arrived at the waiting area outside of the operating room. I got help sitting up, and Anders tried to help me focus on my breathing. And I finally calmed down and came back to myself again. At least a bit, but I was still extremely caught off guard by how nervous I suddenly felt about the c-section. I focused and tried to put on a game face. Then the doors to the operating room opened and it was our turn.

One year anniversary

Ok – I started this post 1.5 months ago! Haha. And I have been thinking about finishing it ever since! But then there was the holidays, birthdays, everyday life hustle and what not. So, here we finally go:

The last Friday of June we got to celebrate our one year anniversary as a married couple. <3 My mother-in-law had gathered a team of babysitters consisting of both family and friends, a total of 6 persons! She is such a sweet person for doing things like this all the time, and it feels so good not having to deal with all the planning.  Two of the babysitters would also stay the night together with her, because Anders and I were going to have a staycation at a hotel 200 meters from our apartment!! But first, dinner. 😀

We had booked a table at one of our favorite restaurants at 18.00 o’clock, so that we would have an early start and not get to the hotel too late. Because as parents of 4 under the age of 3, sleep is a luxury. And to get to skip the bedtime routines for one night is also a big luxury. AND staying at a hotel itself is also something we don’t do much of these days. So we were THIS happy when we left home for our 17 hours date.

We were also this happy because we could celebrate that we had been married for a year! Our first year as newlyweds was certainly nothing like the ordinary, and that made this anniversary extra special. We made it through this very tough year without any drama in our relationship, only a stronger bond. <3 But on the other hand, not as much time for each other as we had liked this first year of married life, so we were really looking forward to an evening and night by ourselves. Without any children, screens, work or chores.

We chose to have our dinner at the very cosy little restaurant called Osteria 16 where you always get served 8 delicious courses for a reasonable price. It was sooo good, especially with a few glasses of Aperol Spritz on the side. We enjoyed ourselves, as you might see. 🙂

Then we walked the 15 minutes walk back to Carlsbergbyen where we live…

… and it felt both strange and a bit rebellious walking past our apartment to go to the hotel we had booked (with a special neighbour discount – yay!) Almost felt young and free again! 😉 Haha.

This hotel is so cool! It is situated in one of the old brewery buildings, next to the beautiful Elephant gate and tower, and they have kept all the exterior like it was (except for adding that small sign).

Wow! As you can understand, we were pretty excited with the room at Hotel Ottillia and especially with the big window and the view!

At least in one direction. Haha. Carlsbergbyen is still partly a construction site, but we are used to it. This was a great place for drinks! 😀 We shared the sofa in the window of course, good to sit close on your anniversary. 😉

A lovely sunrise, and a lovely night of interrupted sleep.

Then – the breakfast on their rooftop terrace! OMG – I love love love these kinds of breakfasts. You could even get glass of prosecco included in the price. I skipped it this time around, because we were in a hurry to get back to our little ones. <3



When the world is waiting for you to give birth

When I created the Instagram account @triplets_of_copenhagen, it was first and foremost to have a place to document the “journey” that lay ahead of us as prospective parents to triplets. Since we had just moved from Oslo to Copenhagen half a year ago, I thought this was a great way for family and friends to be able to follow everything that happened in our life. The reason I chose to write in English was to get in touch with the international triplet parent community, and in that way get some “inside information” about everything that was awaiting us.

Already from day one I decided to show my everyday life as honest as I could, so that I could give a real insight into the big life changing experience it is to get triplets. I posted weekly photos of my growing belly, told about all the preparations, the pain and the controls we were going to, and I shared thoughts and anticipations of everything that happened and was going to happen. And the number of followers increased steadily with 10-20 people a day.

When I was 33 weeks along, we decided to post a video clip showing my belly to give a better idea of ​​how big it really was. And the next day I suddenly noticed that I had lots of Dutch followers: The video had ended up on a couple of websites in the Netherlands, and I thought it was absolutely crazy when I suddenly went from 2000 to 4000 followers in one day. Little did I know…

A few days later, I posted a collage of my pregnant belly pictures from week 13 to week 35, and then it really took off. The video and the picture went viral, and during the week I got 200.000 new followers from all over the world! It was a surreal feeling every morning when I checked Instagram and had gotten tens of thousands of new followers during the night. I had actually gotten more followers than the population in Norway’s third largest city – and my birthplace – Trondheim!

The explosion of the number of followers was one thing, but at the same time I also got lots of inquiries from media around the world who wanted to know more about my pregnancy and why I chose to share pictures of the my belly. The number of media inquiries peaked the day before I was to have my planned caesarean section, and I remember responding to mails on the phone in the taxi on my way to the hospital the night before the birth. There were big news sites like The Sun in England and Bild in Germany, and I felt this was too exciting to refuse. You almost get a adrenaline rush in such a situation of unexpected attention. Little me from Norway who never had any wishes to be visible in this kind of way. I was mostly thinking about how fun it will be for the kids in the future, where they can look through an album filled with articles from the likes of The New Zealand Herald and the Daily Mail to the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan.

And for all the new people following my page, they came at the perfect timing! They could watch the last countdown to the birth, and when I was rolled into the operating room early in the morning of September 12, I felt that a whole world was holding their breath. It was an amazing and unforgettable day, where I finally got to hold all three babies for the first time and at last could relax in the realization of knowing that everything had went well. The babies were in great shape and hardly needed any extra help except for the feeding tube. No incubator, no creepy devices that made scary sounds. It was almost like we were floating on cloud 9 when we went to bed late that evening.

There was only one thing we had to do first. An entire world was waiting to hear the happy news. I felt in a way that I owed it to them, after all the positive attention I had received. And I wanted the picture to be published on their actual birthday. So we sat down together and made a final effort that day, and just a few minutes before midnight, we published a post on Instagram with pictures of the babies. The text was as follows:

At 08.55, 08.56 and 08.57 today we welcomed our beautiful babies to the world. (Three heart-eye smileys)

Iben – 1950 g, 48 cm (pink heart emoji)

Filip – 2070 g, 48 cm (blue heart emoji)

Agnes – 2335 g, 47 cm (pink heart emoji)

Everything went really well, and we are so happy and relieved.


To date, this is my most liked image, with 94.125 likes and 5614 comments.

Bikinis and swimsuits

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For those who have followed my stories on Instagram, know that I have been looking for bikinis and/or swimsuits that can hold my postpartum belly in place. I don´t have much time in hand, so I decided to look at H&M’s websites and find some that I can go and try out in the store downtown. And I thought I might share my selection with you! 🙂 So here you are:

White high waisted bikini from H&M

Black high waisted bikini from H&M

Cut-out swimsuit from H&M

Strapless swimsuit from H&M

High waisted bikini from H&M

White swimsuit from H&M

Shaping swimsuit from H&M

High waisted bikini from H&M

High waisted bikini from H&M