Copenhagen guide – my favorite places

Picnic at one of the bridges over the lakes called Søerne


Nice places for a walk:


Frederiksberg have

Kongens have

Botanisk have

Amager strandpark


   A summer day at Amager Strandpark



SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst)





At SMK – museum of modern art

Botanisk Have, where they have a great greenhouse


Cosy streets / areas:






One of the many nice restaurants in Kødbyen – Copenhagen’s meatpacking district





Amalienborg Castle

Canal boat ride


In Byoasen, you can meet goats, rabbits, chickens, etc, and it is all for free


Children activities:

Zoologisk have


Byoasen i De Gamles by

Skydebanegade playground


Skydebanegade playground is so lovely! 

A wandering sensation

I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that I was to become a wandering sensation – but when I learned that we were expecting triplets, I soon realized that this would be a reality. Suddenly I remembered an episode from when I was pregnant with my first-born and saw a poor man pushing a triplet stroller up a snow-covered hill, and I immediately whispered to Anders: «Phew, I am so happy that won’t be us, haha!” While I shushed at my mother who commented a little too loudly, since the triplet father only was about 5 meters ahead of us. Little did I know…

Already after 23 weeks I looked full term. Throughout the summer, I was asked by strangers on the street if I was due soon, whereupon I had the pleasure of giving them the surprise of the day by saying that it was actually several months until the birth (“Really ?!”) because there are three babies (“Triplets?! Oooh, you will have your hands full!”)

The last few weeks leading up to the caesarean section in week 36, it was clear that my belly was far beyond normal. I preferred to wear tight-fitting tops and dresses over my belly, and with my slim body shape the giant belly stood directly out, but from behind you couldn’t see that I was pregnant. I remember the shocked gazes from passers-by when my giant belly appeared completely out of the blue and I noticed how people at the mall stared, pointed and clearly talked about me. I really felt how it is to look different or recognizable. And I wasn’t always comfortable with it.

The first 5 months after the triplets were born we could hide a bit behind our twin pram, since twins are pretty common nowadays and don’t stir much attention anymore. Occasionally we were able to give an old lady or a young mother – who had the time and interest in looking down into the pram – a little surprise, and they usually responded with both enthusiasm and emotion.

Eventually, however, the time came when the babies grew out of the twin pram, and we had to pull out the two monster strollers we had stored away in the basement. The first one a 108 cm wide one with three carry cots in a row (so wide that it does not fit through any normal doors and must be folded and carried out for us to be able to use it), the other a more narrow type of stroller (84 cm), but with two floors so that it is too high for me to be able to look over the top, which makes me have to look from side to side while pushing it to not run over anything or anyone.

The maiden voyage was with the stroller where they lay three in a row, and we were quite excited when we walked down the street on a test trip a Sunday morning in the sunshine. Anders first with the wide load, and me with Mikael in his stroller. And we certainly made heads turn! We stopped for a moment, and immediately someone came over for a chat. And while we stood there I noticed how people stared and I could clearly hear a buzz and the word “triplets” all around us. It was just as if people thought we were deaf?! My immediate reaction was to giggle and be shy, but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel proud of the three cutie pies in the stroller.

It is all about our mood. Sometimes it is nice to meet a stranger’s eyes, smile back and talk to people that approaches us. But we have also noticed that if we walk a little fast, stare straight ahead or talk to each other and wear sunglasses, then we almost always get to walk in peace and do not notice all the stares. Either ways, the children will soon be so big that people will see them more as normal siblings, and there will be less attention. So until that time, we will try our best to become confident in the role as the local circus squad.

Go Baby Go!

Reklame (AD) for GobabyGo

I simply love the phase our babies are in now at 7 months, when they are just beginning to move around, figuring out how to use their bodies to reach things and go places they want to go. 😀

I remember this time very well from when Mikael was little. Look how cute he looked a 8 months! <3

And at 9 months.

We bought him this set of kneepads and also two pairs of tights with rubber pads on the knees and feet to help him a bit on the way, and they made it a lot easier for him to learn how to both creep, crawl and later to stand up and walk!


Here he is wearing the tights on his 1 year birthday party. <3

So when GoBabyGo wanted to do a collaboration with me I was really happy, because I was actually just thinking of buying several pairs for the trio!

The first time they tried them on was last week, before we got the huge play pen. We cleared the floor in our living room of play mats and toys, and let them move around on the floor wearing their new tights.

I looove babies in tights! I got a question from an American follower earlier who thought it was a bit strange to let them wear tights without a dress over it, and she also said that boys would very seldom wear it over there. And that it was even hard finding models that weren’t «girlie girlie». Here in Scandinavia it is almost a uniform for babies, especially during winter because it is so easy to dress them in layers / have a warm outdoor suit on top. But it is also so good to wear for the rest of the year as well, because it is so comfortable and makes it easy for the babies to move their bodies effortlessly and to explore the world around them.

These sets of Crawling Tights are the same Mikael had two years ago, they are made of soft stretch cotton and “have special designed rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on top of the toes prevent children from sliding on slippery surfaces when starting to crawl and walk – making them more confident and mobile as they go along.” You can check out the range of colors here. I really love these, and from experience I know that they stay in shape even after getting washed over and over again.

I love how they always end up tangled up in each other. <3

Look how Filip is lifting his butt! That was actually the first time he had lifted it that high, and yesterday (one week after these photos were taken) he actually started creeping (pushing himself around on her stomach) for real!

Another day, another way!

Ready for some action! Filip is so cute in his kneepads and matching socks! Looks like he is mini-skater or something. :-))) Sk8erboy <3

Now that we have gotten the massive play pen in the middle of the living room, we have started taking the babies out to the kitchen area to practicing crawling. AND we got the perfect teacher with us:

Here Mikael is wearing Non-Slip socks in thick cotton, that are perfect for kindergarten! He is running really fast now, and it is so easy to slip and fall when you run around in regular socks.

The babies are wearing the Crawling kneepads made from thick winter cotton, which also are equipped with non-slip rubber pads.

Target in sight: Go get it Filip!

So nice when all three of them are happy, awake, content and active!

These pads can easily be put on any clothes, and are great if you want to dress the babies in pants or if you have other pair of tights you want to use.

I love these Non-Slip socks in a soft bamboo cotton from GoBabyGo, you can clearly see that the babies get a good grip on the floor wearing these because of the rubber pads under the feet and on top of the toes. They also stay put because of the high ribbed fabric that can be drawn all the way up to the knees if you want to. We have them in both white and grey, but you can get them in other colors as well.


Someone got tired and needed a lap to sit on and a hand to hold on to. <3

Happy again! And everybody agreed that it had been a great learning-to-crawl-session! 😀

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Doesn’t Iben look cool in her crawling gear? 😀



What goes through your head when you are told that you are expecting triplets

April 9, 2018 I got the biggest shock of my life at the 12-weeks ultrasound at Hvidovre Hospital.

“There are two in here!” said the nurse, as she moved the device over my little bump. And before I could take in what she had just said, she continued:
“And here is one more!”

My boyfriend and I had joked about there being twins since I already had a noticeable bump – and because my grandmother had predicted that I would have twins – but we thought that it was just the case of the belly getting big faster when you are pregnant for the second time. We had planned for a future life with two children and had a newly purchased 2 bedroom apartment in central Copenhagen, a brand new hybrid SUV with isofix for two car seats and several planned trips; plane tickets and airbn’b apartments were already booked for a New York trip in May and a holiday in the south of France in July with two other couples with children. But then *BOOM!* – life gets thrown in my face.

And it really felt a bit like a bomb went off in that tiny ultrasound room. The wind got knocked out of me and I started crying. I saw myself from the outside and thought: How can this happen to US? It felt like we were in the middle of a movie scene. The possibility of having triplets had never even crossed our minds. I mean, who gets triplets? We didn’t know any triplets, didn’t know of anyone who had it and it had never been on our radar at all.

Then followed a crazy stream of thoughts:
– How will I be able to carry 3 babies? It must be absolutely terrible! (A quite panicky feeling, especially when you have been pregnant before and know how it feels the last weeks up to due date)
– What about the babies? Will they survive this without being harmed? Or even worse: Will they die?
– Mikael! Poor little Mikael will now get three siblings at once. How do we get time to take care of him in all this?! Our beautiful little first-born who will barely be 2 years old when they arrive?!
– Can we stay in the apartment we just bought? How will we make room?
– What about all the trips we have booked and are looking forward to? Can I go to New York and celebrate Anders’s 40-year birthday?
– How will we ever get to travel anywhere with 4 small children? Can we even go outside and do some of things we love to do like eat at cafees, go to exhibitions, concerts, etc?
– How will it be having three babies at the same time? Three 1-year olds, 3-year olds, 8-year olds, 12 year olds, 14 year olds? In addition to Mikael? Help!
– Why did this have to happen when I just moved away from my home country and my mother, the rest of the family and all my close friends?!
– What kind of equipment do we need? Will I be able to attend a mother group and maybe get to know others living nearby like I had imagined?
– Will anyone invite us anywhere ever again when we are a gang of 6?
– There are three babies in my belly!!!!

I looked at Anders and the crying turned quickly into laughter because of the absurdity of it all and how surreal it was that WE had ended up in this situation.

While I had all the these thoughts, he only had two: What about the apartment?
Noooo, we have to sell the car!!!

The rest of the ultrasound session I switched between breaking out in hysterical laughter and hysterical crying, but in between all the breaks we had to take because I was shaking so much, we clearly saw three babies kicking around on the screen in front of us. And they were so cute! Imagine: 3 perfect babies at once. In perfectly normal sizes and with perfect heartbeats. And my heart melted for these babies – that were ours. We were going to be a family of 6. Imagine all the love!

And then I cried a bit of joy as well.
For a few seconds at least.



He was lying on the changing table and looking directly at me and I thought to myself: Who is that beautiful little boy? With shining blue eyes and a fragile look?

I understood that I hadn’t really seen him for a while, like really SEEN him. I had changed diapers and bathed him, picked him up from kindergarten, been next to him on the couch watching films, dressed him, served him endless cups of oat milk (his favorite drink), asked him to sit at the table, played with trains, tried to get him to taste the dinner we made, brushed his hair and teeth and read stories. But I had forgotten to take a minute to just stop every other thought or device or chore or (not the least) – a hungry/needy baby, and just embrace the whole of him, my little big boy. My first born. My first experience of endless love, who all of a sudden is becoming more and more his own person. A 2.5 year old who in the last few weeks all of a sudden could speak in long phrases and say almost everything he wants, put on some of his clothes himself and climb everywhere with big ease.

Lying there on the changing mat and looking straight into my eyes with a fragile look in his beautiful eyes, I got an epiphany. A moment of awakening. Like waking up from hibernation. And all I wanted to was just to hold around him for really long. Being an independent 2.5 year old, that isn’t on his top three things to do, but I managed to sneak in lots of kisses and cuddles while putting on his PJs and reading a book. Then I thought about what I used to love as a child and decided to make a castle of pillows and blankets and secret gates, and a door just for Mikael to enter. And we crept in and out of that castle, while I gave my husband the responsibility of babies and dinner, thinking: this is something I must do more often. To give myself fully to him – if only just for 15 minutes at a time – and just try to think like a child again. Leave everything else outside the door of his room. To connect again on a deeper level, and create magic moments only the two of us will know about and that we can share the memories of afterwards.

Kids remember the strangest things. If you just put some energy into telling stories or sharing facts, they will be amazed. I once told him how an eagle catches fish, and several days later he told it back to me in almost the exact words. And he keeps coming back to that story, which he always tells in a dramatic way. Little did I know, telling him those lines of information, that it would stick like that with him.

It’s so easy thinking everything is fine, that I spend enough time with him because I’m talking with him or hanging out in the same room – while I’m breastfeeding, hanging up clothes, carrying a baby, making dinner, tidying, and all the things you do during a day. But it’s not the same as committing 100% on his level. And I will strive to put in some extra energy on this, even though I’m dead tired, because I don’t want to look back with a feeling that I missed out on something big.


(Written in January 2019)